a fantastic vision in only one hour!

...if you arrive in this part of Italy you do not miss this fantastic occasion! Little Italy in on hour!

a fantastic reconstruction of Italy, in a little place called ITALIA IN MINIATURA

You can peek from the north to the south of Italy...from Alpi to Sicily, Etna volcano or Monte Bianco, the mole in Turin and Florence with its dome!

An hour of curiosity that help you to known our country in a little bit time!!!!

Italia in miniatura is born in 1970 thanks to Ivo Rambaldi that takes 27.000 km to visit and measure churches, squares and bridges with more 6000 pictures, drawings and maps.

The first monument was S. Apollinare in Classe; it was a present for Ravenna's town!

Let's see this you tube movie of ITALIA IN MINIATURA and remember that we are only 5 minutes from it!



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